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Silicone tube is a hose that is often used in daily life, but do you know what factors affect the quality of silicone tube?

1.The quality of silicone raw materials is not good, the performance is too poor, and the toughness is not good, then it will easily cause cracking, so the silicone raw materials must be well controlled;

2. Silicone products are incomplete in the vulcanization process. When the mold temperature is too low or the vulcanization time is too short, it will cause the product to be close to the mold and not easy to demold, which is more prone to cracking and may occur. Other conditions, so it is necessary to increase the molding temperature or lengthen the vulcanization time in the vulcanization process;

3. The temperature of silicone products is too high during molding. If the temperature is too high, the silicone products will become brittle during molding, and it is easy to crack when demoulding, so it is easy to crack, so it is appropriate to lower the molding temperature appropriately;

Silicone Heater Hose
Silicone Heater Hose

4.the surface of the silicone product forming mold is too rough or accumulates dirt, then it is very unfavorable for demoulding, and it will also cause cracking, just clear the mold or electroplating!

5.sometimes because the operator’s operation method for demolding is irregular, many problems are more likely to occur, so the demolding operator needs professional operation training! It is inevitable that silicone products are broken, but we can reduce the proportion of defective products caused by cracking through our good specifications. Generally, silicone rubber products account for most of the broken silicone products, so it must be needed in the production process. Pay attention to these aspects.