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Medical silicone tube is generally used in medical and health care, and is also the focus of national supervision. The cost of production is generally higher than ordinary silicone tube, but there are many similarities with ordinary silicone tube. Therefore, some black-hearted businessmen are using this to make huge profits and to replace the real with the inferior. That is, there are similarities, then there must be differences. That difference is the method of identifying medical silicone tube.

A brief introduction of 6 methods

1. medical silicone tube overflow material

(1) standard: from the key side down, monochrome material height ≥ 1.0MM to reveal the height of the shell, after the installation of the shell can not be seen as appropriate.

(2) Detection method: measured with vernier calipers

2. Burrs

(1) standard: positioning hole: ≤ 0.1MM product edge: ≤ 0.5MM

3. Rupture

(1) standard: no impact on assembly and use of performance: ≤ 1.0MM

(2) Detection method: measured by vernier caliper

4. Silicone tube color

(1). Standard: silicone is not exposed after vulcanization assembly, no big difference.

(2). Detection method: Under bright natural light or 40W fluorescent lamp, put the standard sample or color card together with the sample to be calibrated and visually inspected by professionals with visual acuity above 1.0 and no color blindness for 5 seconds at a distance of 30cm between the naked eye and the sample.

5. Medical silicone tube eccentricity

(1) standards: H thick – H thin elastic wall thickness ≤ 0.1MM, mold testing X = 20 ℅; elastic wall thickness ≤ 0.2MM, mold testing X = 15 ℅ H thick H thin elastic wall thickness ≤ 0.3MM, mold testing X = 8%

(2) detection method: test with thickness meter.

Medical Grade Vacuum Hose
Medical Grade Vacuum Hose

6. Color point bump

(1)Standard: The exposed part of silicone after customer assembly: no obvious visible

(2) detection method: in bright natural light or 40 watt fluorescent light irradiation, the sample placed at about 30CM from the naked eye by the eyesight of more than 1.0 personnel visual inspection for 5 seconds pharmaceutical grade medical silicone tube, medical silicone tube internal use of silicone rubber, translucent, food and pharmaceutical grade, no smell and taste, mirror-like surface treatment to strengthen the layer structure of high resistance polyester layer and implanted AISI304 spiral stainless steel wire Surface friction caused by particles, can be cleaned with different cleaning agents. Temperature range -60℃ to 180℃ Can be used for 135℃ steam, 180℃ hot air disinfection, time not more than 30 minutes Safety factor ≥3 times the working pressure standard silicone rubber in compliance with FDA and European Pharmacopoeia.

The above for you to introduce about the medical silicone tube of shoddy identification method. If you find it useful, please share it with your friends around you.