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The application of silicone in the automotive industry has four major functions: hose, sealing, bonding and filling. Silicone products are the key to ensuring the normal operation of the car, escorting the safety and durable use of the car, and are an indispensable part of the car.

1. Auto Silicone hoses

This must be known and understood. Gasoline/diesel cars have oil circuits, and glass water has water pipes. All need a silicone hose to transmit oil and water. The amount of the general car is not the same, but the common point is the same. The silicone hose is not a big piece for the whole car, but it is important or not. I think it is still very important. Yes, if it is damaged (common damage is what we call the bottom of the car), it is more troublesome to repair/replace, so we must cherish our car.

Water/air hose: Made of silicone hose, or EPDM rubber.

Fuel hose: made of fluorine rubber or chloroether rubber

2. Multi-function steering wheel buttons/window buttons

These parts are silicone buttons. Silicone has corresponding elasticity. The elasticity of each car may be different, but the function is the same, all use the buttons to operate a certain function on the car.

3. Oil seal/silicone sealing ring

There are many seals/rings in the car. It is common that our car needs to be maintained after driving for a period of time or kilometers. Does the maintenance staff need to lift the car up and unscrew the fuel tank to remove the old oil? Release it? Why doesn’t the oil leak out? It’s because there is a silicone waterproof sealing ring. Of course, there are also silicone rubber seals/rings in other places, such as the glass water tank, the booster fuel tank, the steering wheel, the engine, etc., but we are very It is rarely seen. Although they are in different “posts”, their functions are basically the same, and they are used for oil-proof, waterproof, leak-proof and other sealing functions.

4. Car sealing strip

The black circle (and other colors) that can be seen when the car door is opened, this is the sealing strip. The door is the most common position we see, and there are other positions, such as: windows, seats , sunroof, trunk, etc. Their functions are generally reflected in: sound insulation, noise reduction, waterproof, dustproof, shock absorption, etc., automotive sealing strips have: good elasticity, anti-compression deformation, anti-aging and other advantages

5. Silicone shock-absorbing pads, the functions of silicone accessories on these cars are generally reflected in: sound insulation, noise reduction, waterproof, dustproof, shock absorption, etc.

6. Car mobile phone silicone pad

Each car is different, its location is also different, and its functions are also different. The general function is anti-slip.

7. Silicone wiper

Generally made of silicone (some have rubber, the proportion is very small), maybe your wiper will not work for 1 month, others can be used for 6 months, the quality of the wiper is compared with the material big relationship.

8. Other Silicone parts

There are more or less silicone products in the braking system, chassis, rear-view mirror, engine periphery, etc., which may not matter to the whole car, but it is the benefit and significance of its existence. , I will not introduce too much about their respective functions and advantages here.

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