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Due to the good high temperature resistant performance of the silicone hoses, so as we all know which have been applied in auto industrial and car modification field a lot. silicone hoses used in the automotive field also need to go through a lot of inspections and meet standards, so what are these standards? As a silicone hose factory, what tests have our silicone hose products undergone?

The standard silicone hoses usually con-structured by 4 or 5 ply of fiber reinforcement. Firstly, from the its appearance, the silicone tubes should not have defects such as blistering, cracks, local bumps, etc. Orientflex, manufactured silicone hoses’ wall thickness, number of reinforcement layers, colors, etc. All can be customized. We have a strict quality control team, we do not allow our hoses have any defects and sell to our customers. As good quality is the guarantee of our reputation.

Silicone Heater Hose

Secondly, the physical and mechanical properties of silicone raw materials should fully meet the standards, including its ability to stretch, etc. Our silicone tubes have never had any quality problems and our customers are very satisfied. If you like to modify the car, or you need silicone tube, silicone sets, etc., please leave us your email, we will reply you as soon as possible.

We can accept customized silicone hoses based on the samples. We are excellent on mold making. Our clients from Malaysia sent us the silicone sets sample, and we can produce and finish with good quality.