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Automotive include many pipeline. For example, Turbocharger lines, oil cooling line, fuel line,AC line,etc. Each pipeline needs to use various auto hoses.
Below photo you can see the construction of cars and its contained hoses.

As auto hoses factory,we can produce hoses for water,oil, brake system,etc.
Auto Rubber hoses series
For water transfer, we can supply J20R3.
As for fuel uses, we have J30R6,R9, oil cooler hoses. Besides, we have J1401, J1402 for brake systems. What’s more, we also have air conditioner hoses, J188 hoses. Last but not least ,we can supply customized as well, you can send us OE code, we can make hoses as your request. The customize radiator hoses, air intake hoses are available as well.

Auto Rubber hoses FAQ

MOQ: Usually 1000m/size, For customize type, we can talk details.
Delivery time: usually 25-30 days. If needs urgent, we can adjust the production time for you.
Can we supply samples? Yes, we can supply samples. So, when you have sample needs, welcome to contact us.
Is it okay to print clients’ brand? No problem, we supply customize print service.

So, If you have any Auto Rubber hose needs, please feel free to contact us. We’re always here to supply you best hoses and best services.