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In order to prevent the engine from overheating and ensure the cooling effect, the parts around the combustion chamber (cylinder liner, cylinder head, valve, etc.) must be properly cooled. Automobile cooling system consists of a radiator, thermostat, water pump, cylinder water channel, cylinder head water channel and fan.Then what benefits can brought by a high quality rubber radiator hose?

The radiator hoses are used for the coolant transferring from the radiator (or engine) to the water pump. Maybe the radiator hoses are not the most important parts in the whole automotive cooling system, but if you use a inferior radiator hose, it will cause a bad effects on the vehicles, such as the coolant leakage, engine over heating, etc. Maximumly, you can drive 5 minutes without using the coolant.

Orientflex owns thousands of molds, which can form the fabric reinforced rubber to the exact shape to fit for the radiator and be compatible with different cars. Every four years (or 60,000-mile driving), we suggest you to replace the radiator hose. An appropriate formed radiator hose is required for your car. If you need high quality radiator hoses, find in Orientflex, a manufacturer insists in the quality, using a high quality raw material and has been producing auto hoses more than ten years.