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Intercooler hose is output compressed air pipe of the turbocharger and the engine intake manifold, the connection of a heat exchanging container, its role is to the compressed air, compressed air impeller after cooler again into the cylinder, the purpose is to make changes in air density, in order to increase the amount of air into the cylinder, the fuel burning more fully, So as to improve the output power of the engine, can play some role in energy saving and emission reduction. So how exactly is it made? Next, OrientFlex will share it with you.

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What does an intercooler hose do?

Usually, the intercooler tube, as the tube connecting the turbocharger to the intercoolers, acts as a channel to transfer the air excluded from the turbo booster to the intercooler. When the unburned gas from the engine passes through the turbine booster, it becomes high temperature and high pressure gas.

The high temperature and high pressure gas is fed to the combustion chamber of the engine through the intercooler and the air intake manifold. Conventional automotive intercooler tubes are usually made of metal, such as aluminum, or metal tubes.
For example, an aluminum tube attached to a rubber hose has been described. However, due to the heavy metal intercoolers tube, it is difficult to achieve the optimal weight reduction required in the automotive industry.

In addition, a variety of processes are required, such as injection molding of the rubber hose, pultrusion molding and bending of the aluminum tube, and the clamping process to attach the rubber hose to the aluminum tube, thus appropriately increasing the cost of fabricating the metal intercooler tube.

Recently, the fabrication of plastic intercooler tubes using thermoplastic ether ester elastomers by 3D co-extrusion blow molding has been reported. However, compared with aluminum tube, the shielding effect of noise, vibration and acoustic roughness (NVH) of the plastic intercoolers tube is reduced.

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Preferably, The density of the materials that make up the intercooler tubes can be increased appropriately to reduce aerodynamic noise, or their thickness must be increased to reduce noise. In addition, its weight and manufacturing cost can also be increased appropriately. The high bending modulus makes the intercooler tube difficult to assemble in a vehicle.

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