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The role of the automobile vacuum hose is to help, enhance its planning of the maneuvering performance, to ensure that the vacuum hose works properly, to ensure that the car can obtain a certain amount of automotive braking power.

What are the roles of automobile vacuum hose

The car has a vacuum hose, is some rubber hose, used to connect the intake manifold to the components of the pipe, in order to transfer the vacuum when the engine is working, such as the brake booster will be used to vacuum, and a variety of control valves.

  1. There is a vacuum booster pump inside the braking system that needs to use the vacuum.
  2. Some variable air intake technology needs to use the vacuum control.
  3. Some cruise control systems need to use the vacuum control.
  4. The removal of fuel vapors from the activated carbon canister requires a vacuum.
  5. The crankcase ventilation system requires vacuum.
  6. Some air conditioning systems require vacuum to switch air ducts.
where is the vacuum hose on a car

Usually on gasoline engines, there are several vacuum hoses in the intake manifold area.
1, brake power vacuum tube, this tube is pulled off the brake power, very dangerous.
2, power steering vacuum tube, this tube is pulled out on no steering power, the same is very dangerous.
3, carbon canister vacuum pipe, this unplugged will pollute the air.
4, the crankcase ventilation system piping, pull out there is no danger, will pollute the air.
5, supercharged engine, will take the pressure in this part to control the exhaust valve, unplugged, the supercharger work is not normal, and will be overspeed.


Overall, vacuum hoses in automobiles play a critical role in vehicle performance and function. They are an important part of a complex system that ensures that systems such as the engine, brakes, emissions, and air conditioning work together.