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What factors will directly affect the quality of the silicone tube The raw material of silicone tube is silicone rubber. It is a product made of silicone rubber after a certain process and in accordance with the industry requirements and standards. Its appearance is generally translucent, black, red, white and other colors, can withstand high temperature can also resist low temperature. Is a new type of polymer material, under strong pressure is not easy to deformation, plasticity is very strong.

Silicone tube in the rubber mixing, need to test the density of the rubber is vulcanized after the rubber, because the unvulcanized rubber due to the porosity problem, the density is not accurate, and there is no vulcanization before the density and the density of the compound belongs to the performance density, the density itself has a relatively large error, so the test density needs to be tested with the rubber after vulcanization. As for the rubber pressing after a lot of bubbles, pores and other problems, you can use the assumption of solid incompressibility, by measuring the density of vulcanized rubber and compound, get the porosity, and then use a small rubber through several times to drive out the bubbles, and then vulcanized.

The quality factors that affect the silicone hose are

  • 1, the quality of silica gel raw materials is not good, the performance is poor, the toughness is not good, then it will be easy to cause the rupture of the situation, so the silica gel raw materials must be good.
  • 2, silica gel products in the vulcanization link is not complete, when the molding mold temperature is too low or the vulcanization time is too short, it will cause the product close to the mold is not easy to release, it is more likely to break, there may be other conditions, so it is necessary to improve the temperature of the molding in the vulcanization link or lengthen the vulcanization time.
  • 3, the molding temperature of silica gel products is too high, the temperature is too high will make silica gel products become brittle in the molding, easy to break when demoulding, it is easy to break, so the appropriate reduction of the molding temperature can be.
  • 4, the surface of the silicone products molding mold is too rough or accumulate dirt, it is not conducive to release, will also cause rupture, only need to clean the mold or electroplating can be.
  • 5. Sometimes, because the operator has irregular operation techniques for demoulding, it is easy to have a lot of problems, so the demoulding operator needs to carry out professional operation training.

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