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Today, i’d like to introduce the 3-in-1 ABS Air Power Lines Assembly for you. It applies as complete system for tractor-trailer connections.


1* J1402 Service Air Line 3/8″ 10mm +1* Emergency Air Line J1402 3/8″ 10mm +1 * ABS 7 way Power Line+ Wrapped by PP Spiral Guards.

Air Lines differs by red and blue colors grips guards. Also, it has swivel fittings for quick installation. What’s more, the hoses can stand 15MPA pressures.

3-in-1 ABS Electrical & Air Assembly


Air Line hoses colors can be customized.

ABS performance power line meets the SAE J2394 standard. Also, it’s easy to install and very convenient.

Plastic grips and Aluminum grips are all available.

Red/Blue air hose line is available.

Moreover, We can produce different length, such as 10ft, 15ft, 20ft,etc.

3-in-1 ABS Electrical& Air Assembly
3-in-1 ABS Electrical & Air Assembly

So, if you have any needs,please contact us. Thanks.