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A brake hose is a hose used in a brake system to apply braking force to the brakes of a car. brake Pipes are usually made of rubber and steel wire braiding, which are durable and the purpose is to save them from regularly buying new products. Its high-quality materials help prevent any fluid leakage that may cause vehicle damage and danger, and the brake hose will not break in any high-speed braking situations you may encounter.

Construction of brake Pipes:
Tube: Special rubber formula with perfect brake fluide compatibility
Reinforcement: High tensile braided fiber.
Cover: Black weather, aging-resistant synthetic rubber
Application: Hydraulic brake hose act as a pressure transmission for automotive hydraulic brake system Used for cars, motorcycles, light trucks and other light Heavy-Duty vehicles for hydraulic brake system.
High pressure resistance,lower volumetric expansion, flexibility, small bend radius.
Aging resistance, oil resistance,cold resistance and long lifespan

Brake Hose SAE J1401

The Signs of When brake Pipes Have Failed
When using brake Pipes, there is a number of indications that tell you when your Brake Hoses are not functioning properly, and you maybe need a Brake Hose replacement:
When there is an apparent leak of hydraulic fluid.
When unnecessary sounds are made due to the simple pressing your brake pedal on your motor vehicle.
When there are high temperatures of brake drums.
When there are unnecessary vibrations when braking.

How often should brake hoses be replaced?

Brake hoses are regularly maintained as corrosion and damage can be difficult to diagnose and changing external conditions can affect wear rates.As Brake Hose Manufacturers, Competitive Price, Worldwide Shipping, Looking For Distributors, Excellent Service, Global Standard, Contact Us Now.