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From Wikipedia, Rubber hose or Rubberhose may refer to: A hose, a flexible hollow tube. So what is a rubber hose? What is used for? Learn with the OrientFlex rubber hose manufacturer below.

What is rubber hosing?

The rubber hose is composed of an inner rubber layer, a steel wire braided layer and an outer rubber layer. It is suitable for conveying hydraulic fluids, such as alcohol, fuel oil, lubricating oil, emulsion and so on. Distinguished from hard pipes, the biggest feature of (rubber) hoses is bendability.

Rubber tubing is used for?

The application range of rubber hose is still very wide. Such as fuel truck unloading rubber hose, dock material conveying rubber hose, tanker, agriculture, food, beverage, medicine and other industries. can use it.

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How do you store rubber hosing?

1. Rubber hose storage, especially during long-term storage, when exposed to certain factors, the physical properties of the rubber hose will change, and these changes may cause the rubber hose to no longer have good performance. First-in, first-out principle;

2. The storage area must be dry, cool, dust-free, not affected by climate, and ventilated with humidity; direct sunlight and high-power artificial light sources with ultraviolet components must be avoided;

3. The storage temperature should be between 0°C and 35°C, it is recommended to be around 15°C, and the limit during storage should not exceed 50°C and be lower than -30°C;

4. Do not store in contact with materials that are harmful to the product, especially some acids, oils, solvents, etc.;

5. The product should not be stored in a place close to the heat source, it will cause the aging of the rubber for a long time and reduce the life of the hose;

6. There should be no equipment that can generate electric or magnetic fields near the storage area, because changes or fluctuations in the electromagnetic field will generate current in the metal to generate heat;

7. Do not allow the product to withstand excessive pressure, avoid contact with sharp, pointed or corrosive surfaces, and store it as much as possible;

Coiled hoses should be stored flat. When stacking is unavoidable, the stacking height should be limited to the extent that the bottom product does not deform excessively. A protective cap is inserted at the open end of the hose to prevent internal contamination.

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