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Automotive Engine air intake hose: The engine is the “heart” of the car. We often talk about the three major parts of the car, one of which is the engine. It can be seen that the engine is of great significance to the car.

What is Air intake hose for car?

The people who use the car may not know much about the engine air intake hoses (people who repair and produce cars should know more). We can imagine that the engine is just a machine, and it also needs to eat like an oak, right? Of course, the engine does not eat, but it needs to be “sucked”, right?

The general function of the engine is naturally aspirated and turbocharged. So there is the existence of the engine air intake hose. Generally, it is a rubber product, and if it is subdivided, it is generally EPDM/NBR/KM, and there are other subdivided materials.

The air intake hoses produced by our Orientflex are characterized by good sealing performance, high and low temperature resistance (in the same case of turbocharging, the temperature will be higher than that of natural aspirating), and anti-aging.

Honda engine air intake hose

What is the general material of the intake hose?

Most intake hoses on Japanese and American cars are made of rubber or silicone.

On some other German or Korean cars THE intake HOSE is made OF plastic or metal.

How the air intake system works?

1. The air intake system is usually installed at the rear of the grille or hood to collect air while the vehicle is moving. The intake hose collects outside air and directs it to the air filter.

2. Through the filter of air filter, dust, stones, pollen and other debris remain in the air filter, and the filtered clean air flows to the engine.

3. The intake hose connects the air filter to the throttle body. Every time the driver presses the gas pedal, a valve in the throttle body opens, allowing filtered air to flow to the intake manifold.

4. A network of hoses in the intake manifold distributes clean air to each engine cylinder, where it is mixed with fuel for combustion.

Mercedes Benz Air Intake Hose
Mercedes Benz Air Intake Hose

For air intake pipe/hoses, Orientflex can supply Customized services according to customer needs, with fast delivery and high-quality products. welcome your inquiry.