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Epdm rubber hose for ordinary people may be a little strange, but for those of us who have been engaged in the field of automobile, machinery and so on for a long time, it is a particularly familiar and widely used rubber hose.

What is an EPDM rubber hose?

EPDM rubber hose is made of propylene, butene and a part of non-conjugated diolefin after processing polymerization. Epdm hose is a saturated rubber, and it is also a non-polar rubber. So it can not be used to transport those non-polar oil materials, such as diesel, gasoline, etc. It is often used as steam hose hose, water hose, cooling hose and antifreeze hose.

Epdm tube will undergo a curing step in the process of processing, in order to enhance its partial performance. It can undergo two types of vulcanization, namely the use of peroxide vulcanization or the use of sulfur vulcanization. In these two ways, the use of peroxide vulcanized products have stronger temperature resistance, as well as lower compression deformation performance, but the biggest drawback is the use of peroxide cost is too high.

Because of the characteristics of the molecular structure of EPDM rubber hose, it is a saturated rubber hose, not easy to be affected by external factors. It has good temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. But its biggest characteristic is low density filling performance, it can be in the process of adding a large amount of oil or filler, low-cost colleagues in Beijing, its mechanical properties will not change significantly.


EDPM Rubber Hose Main features

Ethylene propylene rubber in the automobile manufacturing industry the largest consumption, mainly used in automotive seals, radiator hoses, rubber pads, hose, sheath, etc. In the automotive seal industry, EPDM is mainly used for elasticity, ozone resistance, weather resistance and other characteristics. Long-term temperature resistance -50℃~150℃ or -60~130℃.

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