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what is Sanitary braided silicone hose?why there is braided silk in food grade silicone hose?These questions will be answered for you.

What Is Sanitary Braided Silicone Hose?

Sanitary braided silicone hose is high pressure resistant food grade silicone hose.

Why There Is Braided Silk In Food Grade Silicone Hose?

Additional process common to food grade hoses with braided lines. What is the use of braided wire? Braided wire can make the food grade hose have better pressure resistance. Steel wire and silicone are continuously wound by four layers of braided wire. The braided wire and steel wire are completely combined to make the food-grade hose highly resistant to pressure, just like the principle of reinforced concrete. Generally speaking, the load-bearing capacity of braided wire food grade silicone hose is more than twice that of inorganic silk food grade silicone hose.

Braided wire has good integration function. Silicone materials are widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and cleaning industries due to their exceptional chemical stability. They are used to transport high-purity liquids without affecting the transported material. However, due to their special chemical properties, they are difficult to integrate with other substances. Therefore, braided wire plays an important role in facilitating the fusion of silicone and steel wire and preventing the separation of silicone and steel wire during the high-temperature melting process of food-grade platinum curing agents.

Braided Silicone Hose

The addition of braided wire gives the food-grade hose a smoother appearance. Since sanitary hose is a purely manual braiding process, some marks will inevitably appear on the outer wall of the hose during the production process. However, the braided wire can handle the flexibility of silicone, making the surface of the hose smooth and easy to clean.

Now we all know why there is braided silk in food grade silicone tube. Applying silk braid in food grade silicone hose not only makes its appearance smoother, but also enhances the pressure resistance of food grade silicone hose, so the quality of silk braided food grade silicone hose is superior!

Braided silicone tube

Precautions For The Use Of Braided Silicone Tubing

Please be sure not to twist the hose when using. Otherwise, the use of easy to dangerous in order to avoid twisting, the hose must be selected to determine the length, the installation of the joint must ensure correctness, the use of the hose must be prevented from external breakage, the use of the hose must be minimized with sharp objects friction contact, while reducing the contact with objects containing corrosive, the hose itself is resistant to corrosion, but long-term corrosion will affect the life.

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