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Radiator hoses is rubber products, high temperature and high pressure resistance. The main structure of the inner and outer layer of rubber for EPDM. The reinforcing layer is polyester or aramid fiber.

The radiator hoses was first shown in 1901. The output value of radiator occupies a more important position in all parts of the car, for example: 14% in the engine, 2.5% in all parts of the car, second only to electrical appliances and shock absorbers and occupy the third place.

There are mainly two kinds of automobile radiator hoses

aluminum and copper, aluminum radiator for general passenger cars, copper radiator for large commercial vehicles:

1, automobile radiator materials and manufacturing technology is developing rapidly. With its obvious advantage in lightweight material, aluminum radiator gradually replaces copper radiator in the field of cars and light vehicles. At the same time, the manufacturing technology and process of copper radiator have made great progress. Copper brazed radiator has obvious advantages in engine radiator of buses, construction machinery, heavy trucks and so on.

2. The radiators of foreign cars are mostly aluminum radiators, which are mainly considered from the perspective of protecting the environment (especially in European and American countries). In the European new car, aluminum radiator occupies an average of 64%;

3, from the prospect of the automobile radiator production, brazing production of aluminum radiator is gradually increased. Hard brazed copper radiators are also used in buses, trucks and other engineering equipment.

An automobile radiator is used for heat exchange between two fluids, one fluid is air, the other fluid is coolant. A part of the heat generated by the engine fuel combustion is transmitted to the coolant, which is transmitted to the atmosphere through the coolant boundary layer (liquid film) close to the inner wall of the water jacket, the metal wall of the radiator (including water pipe and heat sink), and the cooling air boundary layer (gas film) close to the outer surface of the metal wall.

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