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There are times when you may want to cut the silicone hoses you buy back to make it smaller. Into the size you want silicone hose, What is the best way to cut the silicone hose? Here is the method we have compiled for you.

As a silicone hose manufacturer, we will cut and produce silicone hose according to the size of the custom silicone hose in the process of silicone tube processing.

Manual cutting method is a very common method. Usually is scribed on the silicone tube, and then cut according to the scribed line. But this cutting method, if not a professional operator, during the cutting process, the silicone hose tube may slide or roll, resulting in uneven cutting surface and cutting error of silicone hose. And the scribing operation is tedious, reducing the cutting efficiency of the silicone tube.

The second method, you can buy silicone hose special cutting machine. This kind of cost is a little big, if you need to cut a large number of silicone hose, it is recommended to communicate with the manufacturer, you can re-modify the size.

For you to organize a few questions, to answer;

How To Cut Small Diameter Fuel Hoses?

This situation is relatively simple, you can buy a wire cutter, if you do not want to spend money to buy, you can use scissors to cut the hose. Remember to mark well before cutting, so as not to cut more.

Rubber Fuel Hose SAEJ30R6
Rubber Fuel Hose SAEJ30R6

How To Cut The Reinforced Silicone Hoses?

In this case, you can use the manual cutting method introduced for you. Remember to pay attention to safety. Protect your fingers.


Can I Use A Hacksaw To Cut The Silicone Tube?

NO,absolutely not. The hacksaw will wear the material by rubbing it back and forth, and the surface of the hose will be rough after cutting.

How To Cut Large Diameter Silicone Tube?

Here you will use a marker and a clamp.

1. first use a marker on the hose you need to modify the size of the hose, make a mark.

2. use the clamp to hold the hose in place.

3. cut little by little until you reach the diameter you want.

OrientFlex silicone hoses manufacturer, Can customize the silicone tube according to the customer, there will be no hose size does not fit the situation. Of course, if you want to learn more about how to cut silicone tube, you can follow the method described in this article. Whether it is a large diameter silicone tube or a small diameter hose, it has been introduced. If you find this useful, please subscribe to our website.