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There are many types of silicone hoses, and different types of hoses are used in different fields. Today, I will mainly introduce the difference between braided silicone hose and transparent silicone tubes.

What is a braided silicone hose?

Imported food hygiene grade silica gel raw materials are used and are processed and produced by the platinum vulcanization process. The hose complies with US food hygiene regulations and can be used in the food and pharmaceutical industry for a long time. Widely used in food and beverage transmission, dairy products; pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetics, food processing, and other fields.

What is a clear silicone tube?

Using imported silicone raw materials, it is produced by the extrusion process. Transparent silicone tubes are generally used to transport some organic solvents and corrosive liquids. Usually used as a supporting hose for food filling equipment and a peristaltic pump delivery hose. Widely used in hygienic pharmaceutical, food filling, and industrial applications.

Although the raw materials used by the two are similar, both use natural silica gel raw materials, but the production process is very different. A transparent silicone tube is produced by the extrusion process. Braided silicone tubing is secondary vulcanized by platinum vulcanization.

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