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With the automotive industry on the vehicle comfort and lightweight requirements more and more high, as rubber hose products, its performance also gradually improve requirements. The corrugated silicone hose used on the inlet and outlet pipe of the automobile turbo charger should not only have excellent high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, but also have excellent buffer performance.

At present, corrugated silicone hose is generally produced by winding process. The multi-layer silica gel sheet is wrapped around the molding mandel successively, and hot air vulcanization is carried out after vacuum forming. But for the corrugated silicone tube produced by winding process, the silicone sheets are only crosslinked after vulcanization, and the adhesion between the silicone sheets is poor.

Corrugated silicone hose and a production process thereof, including the following process steps:

s1, adhesive tape preparation
s1.1 Inner adhesive tape preparation A layer of raw silica gel sheet is pre-vulcanized to get a cooked silica gel sheet, and a layer of raw silica gel sheet is wrapped on one side of the cooked silica gel sheet to get an inner adhesive sheet;
s1.2 Outer adhesive tape A layer of raw silica gel sheet is pre-vulcanized to obtain a mature silica gel sheet, and a layer of cooked silica gel sheet and a layer of raw silica gel sheet are combined on both sides of the reinforced layer respectively to obtain an outer adhesive sheet;
s2. Rubber cylinder preparation The outer adhesive cloth and inner adhesive cloth are rolled into a rubber cylinder on a reel machine using a winding cylinder core mold, and the raw silica gel sheet of the inner adhesive cloth is fitted with the raw silica gel sheet of the outer adhesive cloth;
s3, rubber cylinder molding the rubber cylinder is set on the forming mandrel with corrugations and vacuumed to get the forming rubber cylinder;
s4, vulcanization molding molding rubber cylinder for vulcanization, after removing the core to obtain corrugated silicone tube.

silicone corrugated hose
silicone corrugated hose

The above is the introduction of what is the molding process of corrugated silicone hose. If you think it is useful, please forward it to your friends.