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Product features: Silica gel is a new type of polymer elastic material, which has excellent high temperature resistance (250 300 ℃) and low temperature resistance (-40~60 ℃), good physiological stability, can withstand repeated harsh disinfection conditions, excellent Resilience and permanent deformation (not more than 50% in 48 hours at 200°C), breakdown voltage (20~25 kV/mm), ozone resistance, and UV resistance.

The special silicone is radiation-resistant and oil-resistant. Automotive silicone hose are widely used, and steam work will become the direction of future development of silicone tubes.

The automotive silicone hose is used to transport gas and liquid silicone products. It is composed of inner and outer rubber layers and a skeleton layer. The skeleton layer material can be made of polyester cloth, aramid cloth, polyester cloth, etc.

The inner and outer adhesive layer materials of the automotive silicone tube are made of Ordinary silicone raw materials, oil-resistant rubber tubes, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and other materials, fluorosilicone is used for high-temperature resistant automotive pipes.

Silicone Reducer
Silicone Reducer

As an important part of the car, automotive silicone hose is distributed on the engine, chassis and body, and play the role of oil, gas, water and power transmission for the safety and performance of the car.

At present, a car should use at least 20 meters of hoses, and the number of hose combinations used on luxury cars has reached more than 80 H, and there are at least 10 types.

Automobile hoses have the characteristics of straight pipes, special-shaped pipes, high pressure, low pressure, pressure vacuum, oil and gas, heat dissipation, refrigeration, braking, driving, pressurized transportation, etc., and have become the representative of the advanced technology of rubber hoses today. The display field of various new rubber hoses is constantly developing to the high-tech field. Structurally, it has coexisted in various forms, such as cloth, weaving, roll and so on.