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Pneumatic hose main function is to deliver pressurized air to actuators, valves, tools and other equipment. Therefore, it can use for many fields.

There are several Thermoplastic hoses materials. PU hose, PA hoses, and PVC hoses are the most typical material to use pneumatic applications.
Difference between each materials
PU hose is strong, flexible, kink- and abrasion-resistant. Also, it can withstand fuel and oil. Besides, PU hoses can use in pneumatic actuation and logic systems, robotics and vacuum equipment. It can apply for various medical and laboratory applications.

PA hose is tough, lightweight and stable sizes. Therefore, It can use for high pressure pneumatics, flexibility for routing in tight spaces. Also, it is high resistance to bend fatigue and low water absorption.

PVC hose uses in low pressure pneumatics and pneumatic controls. What’s more, It has good chemical and solvent resistance. Also, it is good flexibility and relatively low cost.

Anyway, We can supply PU hoses, PA hoses, PVC hoses. As factory, we can produce various sizes and colors. Do you have any hoses inquiry? If has, welcome to contact us.