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Which corrosion resistance is better, silicone hose or rubber hose? Before there is no corrosion resistant silicone tube in the market, people are more likely to use rubber tube to use, and the appearance of silicone tube, gradually replaced rubber tube. Silicone tube is human in the development of industrial production process found a more advanced, more in line with the current requirements of environmental protection, health of a new silicone tube.

In the past, people’s dependence on rubber tubing can be said to be very large, even in the present, there are still many factories in the use of rubber tubing, but in the future corrosion resistant silicone tubing will replace rubber tubing to become the mainstream of industrial production.

Corrosion resistant silica gel tube is a kind of imported silica gel, and then produced by advanced scientific production process, and corrosion resistant silica gel tube is a kind of corrosion resistance of silicone tube is particularly strong, better than the corrosion resistance of ordinary silica gel tube. Rubber tube also has the performance characteristics of corrosion resistance, so you can carry out a comparison between the two, in order to find the difference between corrosion resistant silicone tube and corrosion resistant rubber tube.

what is the difference silicone hose or rubber hose?

From the point of the material of the basic raw materials, corrosion resistant silicone tube is a kind of completely tasteless, non-toxic, soft silicone tube, high transparency, and rubber hose, but has a pungent smell, the taste even adopting the most advanced production technology cannot cancel, so on the hand, silicone tube is more environmental protection than rubber hose. And the flexibility of the corrosion resistant silicone tube will be better, and the mechanical properties of the rubber tube are better.

In terms of corrosion resistance, corrosion resistant silicone tube better than rubber hose, relative to the corrosion resistance of course, with the environment as well as the method of using product use has relationship, this aspect in the concrete use of the above without any specific index, both in terms of corrosion resistance has a very good performance, relative, of course, the silicone tube in better corrosion resistance, No matter in which kind of environment corrosion performance test, corrosion resistant silicone tube has maintained a good test data.

For corrosion resistant silicone tube in the future industrial production, is bound to be a trend towards the game, will gradually replace rubber tube, become the only supplies in industrial production, and only in this way can better meet the needs of industrial manufacturers.