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We all know that with the development of society, the car is also one of the content of people all the time. I believe that we would also like to know the configuration of the car, interior, and so on. Today I will introduce which is high pressure hose and which is low pressure pipe in automobile air conditioning.

The thin one is the high pressure intake pipe and the thick one is the low pressure pipe. The pipeline of automobile air conditioning mainly has three sections: the compressor inlet and outlet pipe and the pipe between the condenser and the expansion valve.

The inlet and outlet pipes of the compressor are shock-absorbing with a piece of rubber pipe. One of the coarser is a low pressure pipe (the surface temperature of the compressor is low, visible condensate water), the thinner one is a high pressure hose (the compressor is working, the temperature is high, a little hot. The condenser to the expansion valve is a very fine aluminum tube.

The refrigerant from the condenser has a low temperature, but the pressure attenuation is small, so it can also be called the high pressure tube. There are two joint diameters. It can also be identified by the letters next to the compressor connector. Part of the compressor joint side is mostly marked with S or D to distinguish, S for the low pressure joint, D for the high pressure joint.

I believe that after you read the introduction, you have a certain understanding of which is the high pressure pipe which is the low pressure pipe for the automobile air conditioning.