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let me introduce our advantage

First. Silicone Material’s advantage

All our materials is the virgin silicone materials, we do not mix any recycle silicone materials.

All our silicone materials are from the famous silicone materials factory like the Germany Wacker, USA Dow and the Chinese Hongda.

Then Workers advantage

All our workers have been worked at least 5 years in our factory, they are stable and experience, that means our quality for the silicone hose is stable, also when the lead time is stable.Auto Silicone hose supplier(lots of factory’s workers at the farmers, when they have the work, they will not to to the factory again.)

The most import, Inspection advantage

As a Auto Silicone hose supplier.Each piece of our hose will be tested , then we can allow to send to our clients

We will do the test below:

Aging Test Tensible Test

Pressure Test, Water burst test and Pulse blow test

Ply adhestion test and so on, to make sure the quality is the best.

Orientflex, Quality hoses, serve the world. I believe our auto hoses can definitely satisfy you.