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Choosing to purchase silicone hoses from OrientFlex is mainly reflected in the following four points.

1.Product Quality
Quality is related to raw material quality. Thus, we use 100% pure high quality silicone raw material to produce. In a clean workshop, rich production experienced people is working. Meanwhile, they produce silicone hoses very efficient and high quality ends. From each production process to ensure end product quality.

2.Experience and Development
You can visit Orientflex’s page, we have been in the silicone hose producing industry more then 15 years. Surely, each year, our revenue has increased. Thus, it proves customers recognized our silicone hoses quality and service.

Silicone Heater Hose

3.Customer Care
We pay a great attention to customer care. At the same time, we have a professional sales team to answer customers’ questions 24 hours online. According to customer’s timezone to solve customers’ problems. When customer asks design logo on silicone hose, Orientflex can always help and provide customized service.

4.After-sales Service
One of our organization value is to build win-win business. We are not only care of ourselves’ profits. Indeed, we are more caring our customers’ profits. To help them win in their market is our goal. We will track how is the sales situation of silicone hoses in their markets. If there are any questions and problems, we will organize a meeting to discuss. Any difficulties will be solve within 72 hours.

Our main products include silicone meter hose, silicone elbow hose, silicone hump hose, silicone reducer hose, silicone heater hose, food grade FDA approved silicone hoses, etc. Find Orientflex, find good silicone hoses supplier.