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Compared with general rubber products, silicone products have many advantages. As a professional silicone manufacturer, we will explain the unique advantages of silica gel.

Five advantages of silica gel material

1. Excellent high and low temperature resistance Operating temperature range -100~350°C

silicone products

2. Excellent resistance to ozone aging, oxygen aging, light aging and weathering resistance. The silicone rubber vulcanizate has no change in performance in the free state for several years.

3. Excellent electrical insulation properties The electrical insulation properties of silicone rubber change little when the moisture, frequency changes or temperature rises. The SiO2 generated after combustion is still an insulator. The molecular structure of silicone rubber has less carbon atoms and no carbon black. As a filler, it is not easy to be scorched during arc discharge, so it is very reliable for use in high voltage applications; it has excellent corona resistance and arc resistance, and the corona life is 1000 times that of PTFE, and it is resistant to arcing. The life is 20 times that of fluororubber.

4. Special surface properties and physiologically inert silicone rubber have lower surface energy than most organic materials. It has low hygroscopicity. Its long-term immersion in water has a water absorption rate of only about 1%, physical and mechanical properties are not reduced, and mildew resistance is good. In addition, many of its materials are not sticky and can act as an insulator. Silicone rubber is odorless, non-toxic, has no adverse effects on the human body, has a slight reaction with body tissues, and has excellent physiological inertia and physiological aging.

5. Highly permeable silicone rubber has superior gas permeability compared with other polymer materials; the permeability to N2, O2 and air is 30-40 times higher than NR at room temperature; it also has the performance of gas permeation. The permeability to O2 is about double that of N2, and the CO2 transmittance is about 5 times that of O2.

silicone materials

Because of the many advantages of silicone materials, silicone products are very popular in the market, widely used in automotive electronic parts, aerospace sealing products, bonding seams in the construction industry, household appliance sealing rings, medical artificial organs, catheters, etc. field.