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First of all, this belt mark is mostly derived from the production process of silicone tube. Why do you say so? It is because some silicone hose manufacturers are missing a step in the process. In the traditional process, the silicone tube mold is extruded out and there is usually a high temperature oven to cross-linked factor vulcanization the silicone tube.

Causes of belt marks in silicone hose production

It can make a preliminary shape of the silicone tube, that is, the surface of the silicone hose is basically mature, but the wall thickness of the inner silicone is not completely vulcanized, so it needs to be vulcanized again in the baking channel. In this way, an oven between the baking channel and the extruder will not have the problem of belt marks, because the surface of the silicone tube has been cured and formed. So even if it is placed on the conveyor belt, there will be no belt marks!


As for the problem of belt marks, the lack of oven process will lead to this problem on the surface of the silicone tube.because the silicone tube immediately enters the conveyor belt of the baking channel after extrusion at the mold mouth for sulfurization.

Note that the surface of the silicone tube at this time is not vulcanized, or shows the state of silica gel after intensive training, only through the launch of the mold mouth of the threaded rod (at this time, The soft silica gel is easily stimulated by the outside will leave traces) and the conveyor belt of the baking road will not be replaced every day, with the continuous aging of the conveyor belt or continuous incomplete and adsorption of dust, at this time, the silicone tube stuck to the conveyor belt, will immediately appear uneven surface, that is, the source of belt marks, before the baking road has formed a belt mark, After baking can not change the surface of the silicone tube, so after forming there will be this situation.

Why not add an oven process to the extrusion equipment and baking path to solve the belt marks?

Should be part of the relatively small field or because of cost considerations, in the addition of a high temperature oven process uninterrupted high temperature irradiation is more waste of electricity, so in the eyes of some manufacturers will reduce such an oven can also save a lot of electricity.