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Some industries requires to use food grade silicone hoses, such as dairy factory, pharmaceutical factory, food and beverage factory, wine factory, etc. Why we suggest to produce food grade silicone hoses in transparent color and without printing?

The food-grade silicone material itself is clean and transparent. Of course, we can also change the color of the food-grade silicone material, but we will definitely add some colorful ingredients into it. Thus, we do not suggest to change the original color of food grade silicone raw material.

But, if the customers required to use colorful food grade silicone hoses, we can produce it. Even we can produce food grade braided silicone hose, the inner wall can be transparent and the outer layer can be with various colors.

Food grade silicone hose can resist high working temperature, if you have any needs for it, contact us for more information.