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Rubber tubes and silicone hose are common items in everyday life, so why food grade silicone hose are more popular than rubber tubes, which has a lot to do with their own advantages. As a professional silicone tube manufacturer, I will give you a detailed explanation.

What is a Food grade silicone hose?

Food grade silicone hose, also known as FDA silicone tube, FDA is the abbreviation of the US Food and Drug Administration. The FDA certification is a certificate certified by the US Food and Drug Administration. The FDA is an international medical audit authority authorized by the federal government and the Food and Drug Administration of various countries. Therefore, the FDA food grade silicone hose is an internationally recognized food grade silicone tube kind of authority.

Because it is made of gas phase silica gel raw material by platinum vulcanization process, it can also be called platinum silicone tube and gas phase silicone tube. If the use of double-four-sulfur food grade silicone hose is not as effective as platinum vulcanization, most silicone tube manufacturers Platinum vulcanization systems are selected. The food grade silicone hose is more stable after being vulcanized with platinum. The temperature resistance (-40~200°) does not produce any physical effects. It is superior to food grade rubber tube in anti-yellowing, anti-UV and anti-aging.


In addition, the food grade silicone hose is a highly active adsorbent material, which is an amorphous substance, insoluble in water and any solvent (except strong acid and alkali, oily solvent, hydrofluoric acid), non-toxic and tasteless, food grade silicone tube does not burn. Produces odor, poison, and residue is a non-toxic and harmless white powder, so the silica gel is post-treated and burned without harming the environment.

The food grade rubber tube raw material contains nitrite and other harmful substances to the human body, and the production process is seriously polluted by the environment, generating a large amount of waste water and waste gas. Therefore, food grade silicone hose are gradually being chosen by more manufacturers.