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Medical silicone tubes are made of imported silicone rubber material, the smallest inner diameter can be 0.4 mm, through biocompatibility testing, the reaction to human tissue is very small, the value into human tissue will not cause foreign body reaction, no inflammation of the surrounding tissue, the tube can be placed in the human body for 20 days without abnormal reaction.

Medical silicone tube in the modern medical industry has formed an extremely professional rescue process, and medical silicone tube is a kind of catheter products dedicated to provide patients with nutritional fluids and drug input, because of the medical silicone tube itself and the human body very high affinity, in the process of infusion will not cause adverse reactions in the patient’s physiology, so this product has gradually become the main catheter class equipment. In addition, silicone tubing can also replace the patient’s blood vessels to continue to supply blood to the body during various surgeries, so the product is also an extremely important auxiliary medical material in many medical procedures.

However, although the medical silicone tube and the ordinary silicone tube use exactly the same raw materials, but because of the higher requirements for safety of medical equipment, so in the production process of medical-grade products need to go through more process processing, and in the factory performance testing also need to be more detailed and professional, which also caused the production cost of medical-grade products to be much higher than ordinary silicone tube.


What is the role of Silicone Medical Tubing in medical treatment?

Medical silicone tubing is mainly used in industries such as drainage tubes, blood vessels, various catheters, silicone stopcocks, silicone pain relief bands, peristaltic pump silicone tubing (biopharmaceuticals). Because silicone has better chemical stability and biocompatibility than other materials, medical silicone tube is toxic and tasteless, physiologically inert, resistant to biological aging, and less reactive to human tissue.

As medical silicone tube used as pharmaceutical material, medical silicone tube has a series of excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, anti-oxidation, hydrophobicity, flexibility, permeability, high anti-aging transparency, physiological inertia, non-adhesion to human tissue and blood, good biological adaptability, non-toxic, tasteless, non-carcinogenic, etc. Habit.

First, as a rubber medical material, high technology, low cost, high added value, economic benefits

Second, use the medical properties of silicone rubber. It can not only solve many medical problems, but also enable patients to obtain satisfactory results.

Third, the rubber is widely sourced, easy to produce and process, with good social and economic benefits. From the trend of development and research and development of medical silicone rubber products, the number and amount of products are increasing year by year, and the use is expanding. Polyurethane elastomer consists of alternating mosaic of soft and hard chains, containing many -NHCOO- groups of polar polymers. By selecting the appropriate soft chain structure and its ratio, medical polymer materials with good physical and mechanical properties, blood compatibility and biocompatibility can be synthesized. Polyurethane elastomers are widely used in biomedical fields without their excellent properties.

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