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Generally speaking, the viton lining or fluorosilicone lining silicone hose is for oil resistance. Some car fuel hoses use nitrile rubber hose. However, the silicone hoses are able to work in a wider temperature range, to resist high working temperature (up to 220°C even higher). But the rubber hose is limited by its proprieties, which can not withstand the working temperature higher than 80 °C.

Nevertheless, the common silicone hoses can not resist oil corrosion. Thus, silicone hoses can not be used for transferring the medium, which contains oil mist. For solving this issue, we can add a viton lining or fluorosilicone lining. Afterwards, the viton liner silicone hoses can deliver oil included fluid.

Whatever the application requires the hose to resist oil or needs to work in high working pressure, you are welcome to tell us. As a professional silicone hose producer and supplier, Orientflex will supply the hoses fit for your requirements.