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Automotive silicone hose to deliver gas, liquid, granular material or paddle a class of silicone rubber products, inner and outer layer and backbone layer, layer of material available cotton fiber skeleton, a variety of synthetic fibers, carbon fibers or asbestos, steel and so on. Inner and outer layer materials are generally car silicone tube with natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber or butadiene rubber, oil hose chloroprene rubber, nitrile rubber, acid, high temperature hose using ethylene-propylene rubber, fluorine rubber or silicone rubber. Its easy to bend, can buffer size, light weight, ease of use and installation, wide range of uses, such as irrigation agriculture on farmland, harbor dredging mud suction paddle in, aircraft, tanks, vehicles and machinery and equipment in many hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems fuel systems use a lot of silicone tube.
Automotive silicone tube inner layer directly withstand the wear of the transmission medium, erosion, and prevent leakage, the outer layer skeleton layer protection from external damage and erosion, skeleton layer is the layer of pressure hose, tube gives strength and stiffness. Operating pressure depends on the material and structure of the skeleton layer. According to their backbone layer material structure can be divided into full plastic hose (no fabric material), fabric hose (skeleton layer is a fabric layer), to attract hose (outer fabric layer and a layer of metal spiral), braided hose (skeleton layer of woven wire or fabric), winding hose (skeleton layer wire or cord winding layer), knitted hose (skeleton layer is a knitted fabric), short fiber hose (short fibers and rubber blend pressure is made). Which attract the hose under negative pressure work, steel braided hose or winding hose can withstand 80–600mpa even higher pressures.

Automotive silicone tube performance

  1. Using winding process made of high density, does not have a “trachoma”;
  2. Excellent anti-aging properties, resistant to oxygen, ozone resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, weak acid and alkali, high temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation, arc resistance, good physical inertia and physiological stability;
  3. Layer mesh reinforced, prolonged use at high temperatures, no hardening, no cracks, no burst pipe.
    Silicone hoses in the car for five major systems: the cooling system, fuel system, cooling system, power steering and brake systems.
    For most of the car, such as: Audi, BMW, Hummer, Mazda, Ford, Chevy, etc.
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