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Yesterday we explained what is braided hose, Today we continue to share with you about How are braided silicone tubes made.

The manufacturing process of silicone braided hose is divided into three steps:

First step:In the production process of braided silicone tube
Second Step:On extruding the inner tube, we need to weave the fiber line
The last step:To extrude the inner tube and woven wire

The first step in the production process of braided silicone tube is to extrude the inner tube, usually in the extrusion of the inner tube we ask customers to try to achieve a wall thickness of between 1 ~ 2mm, the reason: if the inner tube wall thickness is too thin will lead to no support, soft in the braided fiber line will be easy to fall off when the braiding can not be successful.

Those with special requirements can customize the inner tube can do high temperature resistance, color, flame retardant, etc., used in special areas of use, such as the inner tube for black outer tube for transparent color, the inner tube for high temperature resistant rubber production outer tube for ordinary high transparent rubber are available, which means that the production process of the inner tube of woven silicone tube can meet a variety of not used industry use.

After extruding the inner tube, we need to weave the fiber line, the conventional woven silicone tube can reach the pressure resistance of 12 ~ 38 kg or more, but some custom customers do not need to resist pressure they usually need to resist negative pressure or ultra-high pressure, at this time the fiber line is unable to meet customer requirements we usually use high-strength braided fabrics such as nylon fishing line, after replacing the braided fabric to make the product pressure resistance or negative pressure resistance to strengthen the ability, it is important to note that the wire silicone tube is a transparent color. It should be noted that the wire silicone tube is not braided.

The inner tube will be tugged by the braiding machine through the braiding network consisting of several braiding machine heads, which will wrap the inner tube (the braiding machine heads will be programmed to follow a fixed route, so the silicone threads are seen to be braided regularly instead of randomly).

And the choice of knitting fabric needs to be high temperature resistant because the silicone vulcanization process is carried out at high temperatures, there will be is to be sure to knitting machine head installed, because the machine head is a lot of not just one head, as long as any one of the problems will lead to product weaving chaos.

The last step is to extrude the inner tube and woven wire, this link looks simple and is actually very troublesome, you need to pay attention to the inner tube wrapped with fiber line through the extruder will cause the appearance of internal space will carry a small amount of air, at this time, if the silicone outer tube extrusion will have bubbles resulting in uneven outer tube, the solution is to make the outer tube wall thickness a little thicker.
Silicone outer tube in the extrusion of the outer tube material heavy when the silicone will be appropriate shrinkage tighter will be forced out of the internal air to the outside world can reduce the appearance of such problems, another reason is that the increase in wall thickness of the outer tube will be the original uneven outer wall of the landfill treatment, so that you can solve the surface of the woven silicone tube uneven situation occurs, extrusion of the outer tube is also the last step in the production process of all the woven silicone tube It also marks the end.

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